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About Us

About the Podcast

Here at Capes and Japes we want to talk about comics in a casual and accessible way. We love comics--talking about comics, reading comics, and most importantly, spreading the love of comics! We don't claim to be experts at comics, or superhero media, or even literature, and even though Briar has taken a graphic novel course in college, and will bring it up whenever possible, they are in no way an expert in anything.

Essentially, Briar somehow tricked Olivia into telling them about comics, and Olivia somehow tricked Briar into listening to her talk about comics, and they tricked each other into a discussion about what they both love about them!

Olivia and Briar first met in college through a mutual friend, and their first interaction was Olivia regaling the room with a three-hour Story of the Robins (the multitude of Batman's sidekicks). Knowing this, it's no wonder why they started with Batman and the Robins! But that's not all that they talk about, and topics can include individual characters, superhero teams, story arcs, and more! If you would like to suggest anything, feel free to Contact Us!

About Olivia

Prounouns: she/her
I was introduced to Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's Batman/Superman at the tender age of 10, which ignited a lifelong love affair with all kinds of superhero media. I primarily keep up with DC, and especially Batman, as will probably become immediately apparent, but I love Marvel and have a lot of fondness for everyone over there as well! Apart from the goings-on in Gotham City, I love talking about speedsters, sidekicks, cartoon adaptations, morally ambiguous female characters, and Brian K. Vaughn. Mostly I love comics as a medium, I LOVE superhero stories, and I love yelling about these things, very loudly, in the direction of anyone who will listen. I also love you

About Briar Elian

Pronouns: they/them or he/him
I started out with mostly superhero cartoons (which I go over in the front half of episode one). Teen Titans, Static Shock, and the Justice League cartoons were my main jam. I didn't get into comics comics until college, where I started reading some Marvel comics, in particular old Avengers titles and at least half of Civil War. I still mainly watch superhero cartoons (Young Justice, Avengers Assemble, etc.) but I've recently been building up my comics collection, mostly with recommendations from Olivia, and anything at my local store that catches my eye. Recently I've read The Wicked + The Divine (though I'm a bit behind) and Grayson (which is excellent as a stand-alone even if you don't know much about Dick Grayson). I have so many more comics that I've purchased and haven't gotten through yet (Saga, anyone?) simply due to time constraints. But I'm always looking for recommendations if you have any!
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