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1 year ago

#182 – Julio Esteban Richter


Today we talk about Julio Esteban Richter, also known as Rictor, who is a mutant with earthquake powers who's been on X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants, and Excalibur. Today, also, Briar makes a LOT of Richter scale jokes, fully forgetting until after recording the actual spelling, RIP.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-X-Factor (1986) #17
-X-Terminators (1988)
-New Mutants (1983) #74
-X-Force (1991) #11
-X-Factor (2005)
-Don't want to make Shatterstar jealous
-X-Factor (2005) #45 (the kiss)
-Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2010) #6
-New Mutants: Dead Souls (2018)
-Shatterstar (2018)
-Excalibur (2019)
-X-Factor (2020)
-The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine graphic novel
-FTL, Y'all
-Astonishing X-Men Vol. 10: Northstar
-Midnighter (2015)
-Midnighter and Apollo (2016)
-Winter Soldier (2018)
-Iceman (2017)
-Empyre (2020)

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