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1 year ago

#223 – Eric Cross Brooks

Blade the Vampire Slayer/Daywalker/Ronin

Today we talk about Eric Cross Brooks who is absolutely best known by Blade, the Vampire Slayer, the Daywalker, and for a little bit... Ronin?

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Tomb of Dracula (1972) #10
-Doctor Strange (1974) #59
-Nightstalkers (1992)
-Blade the Vampire Hunter (1994) #1
-Blade (1998)
-Blade: Sins of the Father (1998) #1
-Blade 1998 movie trailer
-Blade: Vampire Hunter (1999)
-Peter Parker: Spider-Man (1999) #7
-Blade (2006)
-X-Men (2010)
-Mighty Avengers (2013) #4
-Avengers (2018)

-Nimona news!
-Nimona (graphic novel)
-X-Men Red (2022) #1
-Marauders (2022) #1

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