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1 year ago

#178 – Lucas Trent & Andrew Pulaski

Midnighter & Apollo

Today we kick off Pride month with Midnighter and Apollo, the night/day-opposites-attract superhero couple who adopted the literal spirit of the 21st century as their daughter, got divorced, got back together, and kinda did it all over again after being rebooted!

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-StormWatch (1993) vol 2
-The Authority omnibus
-Midnighter: I know all your moves; Dick: you know NIGHTWING but do you know ROBIN?????
-Midnighter (2006)
-The Authority (2008)
-Grayson (2014)
-I'd know that ass anywhere
-StormWatch (2011)
-Midnighter (2015)
-Midnighter and Apollo (2016)
-DC Pride (2021) #1
-Robin (2021) #2
-Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0
-Stargirl Spring Break Special (2021) #1
-Batman (2016) #108
-Marauders (2019) #20
-Nightwing 81 Pride cover

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