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1 year ago

#240 – Red Tornado

John Smith/Ulthoon/Tornado Tyrant/Tornado Champion

Today we talk about the Red Tornado, who is an android who has 1) had the memories of Ma Hunkel the golden age Red Tornado, 2) been possessed by the spirit of a sentient tornado from Rann, 3) been transformed, briefly, into a human man.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Justice League of America (1960) #64
-Red Tornado (1985)
-Crisis on Infinite Earths reading order
-Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (1982) #90-93
-Young Justice (1998)
-52 (2006)
-Justice League of America (2006)
-Red Tornado (2009)
-Dark Nights: Metal (2017)
-Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020)
-Young Justice cartoon
-specific Supergirl image (but honestly it doesn't look As Bad in motion)

-The Hunt on webtoon
-Avialae on webtoon
-Batman (2016) #126
-Detective Comics #1062
-Love Everlasting #1
-Dark Crisis: Young Justice (2022) #2

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