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2 years ago

#218 – Stephen Strange

Doctor Strange/Sorcerer Supreme

Today we talk about Dr. Stephen Strange, who is a surgeon whose hubris messed up his hands and in his quest to be able to be a surgeon again he learned magic and became the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Strange Tales (1951) #110
-Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange
-Doctor Strange (1968)
-variant cover for Doctor Strange (2018) #18 (the ouija board one)
-Marvel Feature (1971) #1
-Marvel Premiere (1972) #3
-Doctor Strange (1974)
-Death of Doctor Strange (2021)

-Peacemaker HBOmax
-The Suicide Squad (2021)
-Batman: Urban Legends
-Batman: Killing Time (2022) #1

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