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5 years ago

#10 – Young Avengers

Teen Superhero Group (not actually endorsed by the Avengers!)

10 Young Avengers

Today we discuss the Young Avengers! A superhero team made up of a bunch of kids that aren't actually related to or endorsed by the Avengers, even though they go by things like "Iron Lad" and "Hulkling".

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Original Young Avengers collection
Children's Crusade
Young Avengers (2013)
"You're Not That Straight"
Fake Tumblr
Fake Instagram
More Fake Instagram
Death of the Family
Zero Year--Secret City
Zero Year--Dark City
Graveyard Shift
Batman and the Signal
Batman & Robin
Superman Rebirth
Up Up And Away/Diana and Bruce dunking on Clark
D:amian vs Gremian, Choose your Fighter

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