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5 years ago

#17 – Danny Rand

Iron Fist

17 Danny Rand

Today we discuss Danny Rand, a.k.a. the Iron Fist, a white guy who is just so good at martial arts that he kills a dragon and gets mystical powers (and a scar that just looks like a bad tattoo) because of it. We also pitch an Iron Fist Legacy storyline that Marvel should DEFINITELY pick up.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
hi while looking for other things i found this image please enjoy
Michal Brezina's Figure Skating Short Program
The Immortal Iron Fist
Ultimate Spider-Man
Teen Friendz
Avengers Assemble
a few more problems with Netflix's Iron Fist series
One-Punch Man
This Week's Super Sons
This Week's Batman
This Week's Nightwing
Action Comics #1000
This Week's Superman

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