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5 years ago

#5 – Stephanie Brown


05 Stephanie Brown

Today we talk about Stephanie Brown: Spoiler, Robin (briefly, before she dies terribly), Batgirl, and then Spoiler again once DC Comics decided that in their reboot she'd always been Spoiler and you should forget about all the other stuff because it didn't happen in this canon. We also briefly talk about how much Dan Didio hates teen superheroes.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Johnny Warlock. He exists!
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? by Neil Gaiman
I am Robin No, You're Not
Dan Didio, i guess
Waffles for Stephanie Batman and Robin Eternal
The History of the Bat Family According to Stephanie
Batgirl by Brian Q Miller
Tom King's Vision Miniseries - Fancy Hardcover!
Tom King's Mister Miracle
Tillie Walden's Spinning

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