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1 year ago

#243 – Rac Shade

Shade the Changing Man

Today we talk about Rac Shade, a guy who originally came to Earth to clear his name in his own dimension but was turned into a poet tasked with astral projecting to Earth to discover a cure to a problem on his own plant.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Steve Ditko Omnibus starring Shade the Changing Man
-Suicide Squad (1987) #16
-Shade the Changing Man (1990)
-Hellblazer (1988) #268
-Flashpoint (2011)/Flashpoint: Secret Seven (2011)
-Justice League Dark (2011)
-Shade the Changing Girl (2016)
-Shade the Changing Woman (2018)

-Batman/Superman: World's Finest (2022) #4

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