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1 year ago

#255 – Boston Brand


Today we talk about Boston Brand, best known as Deadman, who was an acrobat but then he died and became a ghost who helps to fight crime by possessing people.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Deadman Collection (1960's-1980's)
-Deadman (1985)
-Deadman (1986)
-Deadman: Love After Death (1989)
-Deadman: Exorcism (1992)
-Deadman (2001)
-Deadman: Dead Again (2001)
-Deadman (2006)
-Blackest Night (2009) & Brightest Day (2010) reading orders
-Justice League Dark (2011)
-Secret Origins (2014) #6
-Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love (2016)
-Trinity (2016) #12-15
-Deadman (2017)
-Justice League Dark (2018)

-Red Hood: Outlaws ep. 18 Opposite Day

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