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3 years ago

#81 – Jessica Drew


81 Jessica Drew

Today we talk about Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, who (depending on when the comic was made) is a spider turned into a woman, or a woman who was injected with spider blood, or a woman who was experimented on as a fetus with spider DNA.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-The Bad Spider-Woman Cover
-Spider-Man and Spider-Woman: Wholly Unrelated
-Marvel Spotlight (1971) #32
-Spider-Woman (1978)
-Wolverine (1988)
-Alias (2001)
-New Avengers (2004)
-Spider-Verse (2014)
-Jessica's new costume
-Jessica and Peter meet
-Clint Barton and Jessica Drew: Kissing Proof
-Shout Out Anthology
-Electrum Anthology
-The Good Fight
-Angel (2019) #1
-Ghosted in LA #1
-More info about Money Shot

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