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2 years ago

#225 – Connor Hawke

Green Arrow

Today we talk about Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow and Oliver Queen's son, who grew up with his mother and then at a monastery before being thrust into the superhero shenanigans of his dad.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Green Arrow (1994) #0
-Zero Hour reading order
-Robin (1993) #25
-JLA (1996)
-Green Langern (1990) #96
-Green Lantern (1990) #110
-Green Arrow (2001)
-Batgirl (2000) #30
-Birds of Prey (1998) #44
-Connor Hawke: Dragons Blood (2007)
-Green Arrow/Black Canary (2007)
-DC Festival of Heroes (2021)
-Robin (2021)

-Shot and Chaser
-Real Hero Shit
-Blue Beetle: Graduation Day announced
-Robins (2021) #6
-Nightwing (2016) #91
-Batman/Superman: World's Finest (2022) #2
-Ska No Children

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