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1 year ago

#275 – Beatriz da Costa

Green Fury/Green Flame/Fire

Today we talk about Beatriz da Costa, best known as Fire, who has been a model, a spy, a Global Guardian, a Justice League Member, and a member of Checkmate, all while pretty much sticking to a whole green aesthetic.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Super Friends (1976) #25
-DC Comics Presents (1978) #46
-Justice League International (1987) reading order
-Invasion! (1989) reading order
-Death of Superman (1992) reading order
-Showcase '93 #8
-Showcase '96 #7
-Formerly Known as the Justice League (2003)
-I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League (2004)
-Checkmate (2006) vol 1
-Blackest Night (2009) reading order
-Justice League: Generation Lost (2010)
-Justice League International (2011)
-Convergence: Justice League International (2015)
-The Human Target (2021)
-DC's Harley Quinn Romances (2023) #1

-Astonishing Iceman announcement
-Dark X-Men announcement
-Uncanny Spider-Man announcement

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