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5 years ago

#45 – Steve Rogers

Captain America/Nomad/The Captain

45 Steve Rogers

Today we talk about Steve Rogers, best known as Captain America, who went from zero to hero in no time flat, punched a bunch of nazi with his sidekick Bucky, was frozen in ice for two decades, and then straight back to superheroing with the Avengers in the 1960s because he has a really hard time not being Captain America.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Bucky discovers Steve's secret
-Captain America #1 Cover
-The Shield
-if i don't eat my shield i'll DIE
-Baron Zemo
-the Death of Bucky
-Avengers (1963) omnibus
-thoughts about BUCKY
-Rick Jones puts on the Bucky costume
-The Nomad
-Captain America: War & Remembrance (Stern/Byrne
-The Captain vs Captain America
-Bucky's Back!
-Captain America: Winter Soldier vol 1 (trade)
-Captain America (2004) #1 (single issues)
-Civil War
-Steve picking up Mjolnir
-Tony fixes Steve's shield
-Steve and Bucky hunched over yelling at each other
-Captain America: The Winter Soldier soundtrack
-Batman Secret Files #1
-Avengers Halloween Special (2018) #1
-Victoria Watkins did our new logo and we love it!!
-They're also on the Magic Folk podcast!

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