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4 years ago

#107 – Doctor Fate

Nabu/Kent Nelson/Inza Nelson/Eric and Linda Strauss/Jared Stevens/Khalid Ben-Hassin/Khalid Nassour

107 Doctor Fate

Today we talk about Doctor Fate, who is mostly a Lord of Order named Nabu who empowers/inhabits the body of whoever puts on the Helmet of Fate. Typically this is Kent Nelson, but it has been many, many people.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-More Fun Comics (1936-1947)
-Kent Nelson origin
-Eldritch Blaest
-All-Star Comics #3 (forming of the Justice Society of America)
-Doctor Fate (1987)
-Justice League Dark (2018)
-Doctor StrangeFate
-Batman (2016) #86
-Star (2020) #1
-Legion of Super-Heroes (2019)
-Outlawed news!

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