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3 years ago

#141 – Scott Free

Mister Miracle

Today we talk about Scott Free, also known as Mister Miracle, who is one of the New Gods. He was politically traded as a child and tortured on Apokolips but he escaped to Earth to become an escape artist, hang out with his wife, and also be a superhero.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-The New Gods by Jack Kirby
-Forever People by Jack Kirby
-Mister Miracle (1971) by Jack Kirby
-Justice League International (1987) Omnibus vol 1
-Death of the New Gods
-Mister Miracle (2017)
-Young Offenders kickstarter (Ends Oct 14, 2020)
-Kitty Pryde Finally Kissed A Girl This Week
-Hilda on Netflix

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