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4 years ago

#97 – Thor Odinson

Thor/Donald Blake/Odinson

97 Thor Odinson

Today we talk about Thor Odinson, who is sometimes a Doctor named Donald Blake but mostly he's Thor, a super powerful alien from Asgard that the Norse god is based off of. He has a very powerful magic hammer and he has a... strained family dynamic.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83
-Avengers (1963) #1
-Thor (1966)
-Civil War (the official Marvel suggested reading order)
-Avengers (1963)
-Seriously, it's stuff like this that makes it So Good
-Check, Please!
-Batman (2016) Annual #4
-Nightwing (2018) Annual #2
-No Ivy League

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