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5 years ago

#12 – Booster Gold

Michael Carter/Booster/Goldstar

12 Booster Gold

Today we discuss Michael Carter, who traveled into the past to make big money as a hero, saved the president, and accidentally mixed up his football nickname (Booster) with his chosen hero name (Goldstar) and became forever referred to as Booster Gold.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Justice League Unlimited episode
Check, Please!
Crisis on Infinite Earths
The Dark Knight Returns
Booster's Coffin
Justice League International
Booster Training Jaime Reyes ...with a tire.
Justice League 3000
Incredibles; No Capes
Batman the Animated Series
Batman and Harley Quinn
Here's the described Booster Gold calling the Batmobile scene
Recent-ish Booster Gold series
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Solid State

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