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5 years ago

#19 – Renée Montoya

Gotham City Police Officer/The Question

19 Renée Montoya

Today we talk about Renée Montoya: a cop from Gotham City who is outed as a lesbian and framed for murder by Two-Face, ex-girlfriend and then girlfriend and then wife of Kate Kane (Batwoman), and The Question for a while.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
Batman the Animated Series
Batman the Animated Series Opening
The Dark Knight (film)
Lego Batman
Batman: No Man's Land
Jim Corrigan
I guess if you want to know more about Objectivism
Gotham Central
Tales of Suspense 104
Batman and the Signal 3
Batman: Hush
Superman Vol. 5
New Avengers
Kitty/Piotr Wedding
Batman/Catwoman Wedding
Avengers (2018) #1
Ghost Rider inspired by Zayn Malik
Marvel Rising #0 FREE
Squirrel Girl #32

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