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3 years ago

#158 – Bat Family Roundup Pt. 2

Carrie Kelley/Robin/Catgirl/Batgirl/Batwoman, Duke Thomas/Robin/The Signal, Harper Row/Bluebird, David Zavimbe/Batwing, Luke Fox/Batwing

Today we talk about Carrie Kelley, most known as the Robin from Dark Knight Returns, Duke Thomas, a sort-of Robin and The Signal, Harper Row a.k.a. Bluebird, and the two Batwings, David Zavimbe and Luke Fox!

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Dark Knight Returns (1986)
-Dark Knight Strikes Again (2001)
-Dark Knight III: Master Race (2015)
-Batman (2011): Zero Year
-Batman (2011): Endgame
-We Are Robin (2015)
-Robin War (2015)
-Batman (2011): Bloom -Batman and the Signal (2017)
-Batman and the Outsiders (2018)
-Batman (2011)
-Batman Eternal (2014)
-Batman & Robin Eternal (2015)
-Batman Incorporated (2011)
-Batwing (2011)
-Future State: The Next Batman (2021)
-Future State: Wonder Woman (2021)
-Future State: Harley Quinn (2021)
-Future State: The Flash (2021)
-Future State: Superman of Metropolis (2021)
-Vision (2015)

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