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1 year ago

#167 – Atlantis Roundup

Garth/Aqualad/Tempest, Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde/Aqualad, Tula/Aquagirl, Lorena Marquez/Aquagirl, Dolphin

Today we talk about the Aqualads and Aquagirls and Dolphin, or as we like to call them: The Aquids. They have a really bad habit of being abandoned as babies, apparently.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Adventure Comics (1935) #269
-Teen Titans (1966) #1
-Teen Titans: Year One (2008)
-Tempest (1996)
-Blackest Night (2009)
-Aquaman (2011) #41 New 52
-Titans (2016) Rebirth
-Brightest Day (2010) #4
-DC Universe: Rebirth (2016)
-Teen Titans (2016) #6
-You Brought Me The Ocean
-Aquaman (1962) #33
-Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985)
-Aquaman (2003): Sub Diego
-Teen Titans (2003) #34
-Aquaman (1994) #0
-Titans (2008) #15
-Aquaman (2016) #25 Rebirth
-The Other History of the DC Universe (2020)
-DC Pride Anthology 2021 Announcement

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