Capes and Japes
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5 years ago

#40 – The Joker

Clown Prince of Crime

40 The Joker

Today we talk about the Joker, Batman's most iconic villain, who just does so many murders, and all of the bad stuff you could think of. We also spend a LONG time at the end talking about Heroes in Crisis #1

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Some Jerry Robinson Joker design
-Seduction of the Innocent
-60's Batman Joker threatens Batman over the phone
-The Dark Knight Returns
-The Joker (1975)
-The Killing Joke
-The Joker's Last Laugh
-A Serious House on Serious Earth
-Lego Batman
-Azzarello's Joker Miniseries
-Batman: White Knight
-Batman (2016)
-Heroes in Crisis #1

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