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4 years ago

#25 – Barbara Gordon


25 Barbara Gordon

Today we talk about Barbara Gordon who was Batgirl and then Oracle after the Joker shot her (then Batgirl again once DC rebooted). She's a genius and we love her and you should too!

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
Our episode on Kate Kane
Seduction of the Innocent
Batman (TV Show)
Batgirl introduced in comics
Yvonne Craig as Batgirl
Jim Gordon comics written by Olivia
Crisis on Infinite Earths
James Gordon Jr.
Barbara runs for congress
Batman: The Killing Joke
The Killing Joke movie DO NOT WATCH
Suicide Squad
Birds of Prey
Gail Simone being hired for Birds of Prey
a pretty short op/ed article on the desexualization of disabled folks
Dick Grayson covering his face (but not much else)
Post-shower-discovery conversation
Barbara recognizes Dick Grayson's butt
Midnighter recognizes Dick Grayson's butt
Nightwing Oracle Convergence
The Titans (1999) #1
Owacle (this is the best image i could find of this panel but it's got a lot of other stuff mushed around it sorry y'all)
New 52 Batgirl
Barbara's lovely trans roommate whom i love
Babs Tarr's very beautiful Dick Grayson
Batgirl Rebirth
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth
Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds
Batgirl: Year One
Robin: Year One
The Batgirl of Burnside
Harley Quinn-focused Birds of Prey movie?
Barbara in the Lego Batman movie
Batman Eternal
Immortal Hulk #1
You Are Deadpool #1
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