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3 years ago

#142 – Big Barda

Barda Free

Today we talk about Big Barda, one of the Female Furies on Apokolips until she ran away to Earth to hang out with her husband Scott Free, try to live a suburban life, and sometimes be a superhero.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Mister Miracle (2017)
-The New Gods by Jack Kirby
-Forever People by Jack Kirby
-Mister Miracle (1971) by Jack Kirby
-Some of the Furies
-Justice League International (1987) Omnibus vol 1
-The Reason Why Barda Goes Into Space With G'Nort and Rocket Red
-JLA (1997)
-Birds of Prey (1999) #100
-Barda playing Pokemon
-Death of the New Gods
-Superman/Batman (2003) vol 1
-Scott loves his big strong wife
-Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie
-Legend of Korra
-Slaughterhouse-Five graphic novel
-Don't Go Without Me (digital)
-MICE 2020 (Oct 3-30)

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