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1 year ago

#185 – Carter Hall

Katar Hol/Hawkman

Today we talk about Carter Hall and Katar Hol, both of them are Hawkman, and sometimes they're the same person. The Hawkman backstory is full of things such as: reincarnation, aliens, a hawk god, and questionable story choices by the DC creative team.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Excerpt from Flash Comics (1940) #1
-All-Star Comics (1941)
-Silver Age Hawkman archive collection
-Hawkman (1964)
-Justice League of America (1960) #31
-Crisis on Infinite Earths reading order & our episode on it
-Hawkworld (1989)
-Hawkworld (1989b)
-Superman/Batman (2003) Public Enemies
-Zero Hour (1994) (& reading order for tie-ins)
-Hawkman (2002)
-Flashpoint (2011) reading order -The Savage Hawkman (2011) (New 52)
-Dark Nights: Metal (2017)
-Hawkman (2018)

-New Mutants (1983)
-The Adventure Zone: Crystal Kingdom
-X-Factor (2005)
-New Mutants (2003)

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