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1 year ago

#226 – Mia Dearden


Today we talk about the second Speedy, Mia Dearden, who became Green Arrow's sidekick by being saved and then looking at Oliver Queen like "you're Green Arrow, let me be your sidekick" which is a very good way to become a teen sidekick.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Green Arrow (2011)
-Teen Titans (2003) #21
-Green Arrow and Black Canary (2007)
-Justice League: Cry for Justice (2009)
-Green Arrow (2011) #36
-Green Arrow (2011) #18 (Emiko)
-Green Arrow (2016) #15 (Emiko)

-Justice League (2018) #75
-Dark Knights of Steel (2021) #6
-Knights of X (2022) #1
-X-Corp (2021) #1
-Sabretooth (2022)

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