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5 years ago

#15 – Jessica Jones


15 Jessica Jones

Today we talk about Jessica Jones: on/off superhero Jewel, Knightress, and Powerwoman, but due to her supremely brutal backstory, is mostly in the business of being a super powered private detective and journalist.

Some BIG OL' content warnings on this one folks for emotional abuse/manipulation and sexual assault (we don't go super in-depth on them but they are mentioned and discussed).

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: More about Brian Michael Bendis
BMB 2005 Interview about Spider-Woman
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which E has never seen
Marvel's Captain Marvel vs DC's Captain Marvel
The Purple Man
it is Ben Urich
Secret War (not to be confused with Marvel's Secret Wars, which is a separate event, and I know we dunk on DC all the time because of all their Crisis events but come on Marvel
House of M
The Pulse (comics!)
Heroes for Hire
New Avengers
The Mighty Avengers
Jessica Jones (2016)
Jessica Jones (Netflix Series)
Hey the Killing Joke did Barbara Gordon so dirty, here's just a tiiiiny snippet of critique, thanks Wikipedia
Alias (Omnibus)
The Pulse (Complete Collection)
Y: The Last Man is getting a TV show, email Olivia at [email protected] for her Thoughts

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