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3 years ago

#124 – Al Simmons


Today we talk about Al Simmons, better known as Spawn, who is an assassin who went to hell, became a hellspawn, went back to Earth, and then became a superhero using his hell powers. There's... a lot that happens.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man
-Spawn (1992)
-Ok, look, Todd named his demon after the 8th circle of hell, so i guess this is just like naming your kid after a city/country/etc
-Mammon, is in FACT, an actual demon
-This isn't really a piece of media but hello it's Elian and i just gotta say i did say Paul when i was trying to name the apostles of Jesus and there is no apostle named Paul, i was thinking of Peter, sorry about that
-King Shark
-Spawn (1997) trailer
-Todd McFarlane's Spawn
-Korn - Freak on a Leash
-Kiss Number 8
-Olivia's newest Pod of Greed appearance

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