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1 year ago

#245 – The Bloodstone Family

Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa Bloodstone, Cullen Bloodstone, Lyra Bloodstone

Today we talk about the Bloodstone family, started by Ulysses Bloodstone who was an immortal monster hunter until he died and was succeeded by his daughter Elsa, who found her lost brother Cullen in another dimension, and then they discovered their sister Lyra!

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Marvel Presents (1975) #1-#2
-Bloodstone (2001)
-Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone & the Monster Hunters (2005)
-Nextwave (2006)
-Astonishing Tales: Boom Boom & Elsa Bloodstone (2009) #1
-Legion of Monsters (2011)
-Avengers Arena (2012)
-Avengers Undercover (2014)
-Marvel Zombies (2015)
-Monsters Unleashed! (2017)
-Doctor Strange: Damnation (2018)
-Excalibur (2019) #8
-Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone (2022) #1

-Batman vs. Robin (2022) #1
-Tales of the Human Target (2022) #1
-Dark Knights of Steel: Tales from the Three Kingdoms (2022) #1
-Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands by Kate Beaton

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