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1 year ago

#244 – Theodore Sallis


Today we talk about Ted Sallis, most commonly known as Man-Thing, who accidentally super soldier serum-ed himself into becoming a magic swamp creature.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Song for Ted Sallis by The Mountain Goats
-Savage Tales (1971) #1
-Adventure into Fear (1970) #10
-Man-Thing (1974)
-Giant-Size Man-Thing (1974)
-Man-Thing (1979)
-Infernal Man Thing (2012)
-Man-Thing (2017)
-R.L. Stine Man-Thing (2017) panels
-Curse of the Man-Thing (2021)
-Briar's diagram on Discord

-Batman (2016) #127
-Cable (2020)
-Everything Marvel announced at D23 (2022)

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