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1 year ago

#180 – David Alleyne


Today we talk about David Alleyne, a mutant called Prodigy who can telepathically gain knowledge and skills from other people. He joined the New Mutants, lost his powers, became disillusioned with the X-Men, joined the Young Avengers, and went to interdimensional college.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-New Mutants (2003) #4
-New X-Men (2004)
-X-Men: Legacy Annual (2009) #1
-X-Men: Regenesis (2011) #1
-Young Avengers (2013) #6
-Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling (2020) #1
-X-Factor (2020) #10 Hellfire Gala (& the specific preview page Tommy is in)
-America (2017)
-Ant-Man (2015) #1
-X-Factor (2020)
-"Am I the only person on the team who's straight?"
-Super Sons: The Polarshield Project
-Superman/Batman (2003) vol. 1
-DC Pride (2021) #1
-Nightwing (2016) #81
-The Harley Quinn cartoon quote about Batman's sex life

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