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4 years ago

#90 – J'onn J'onzz

Martian Manhunter/John Jones

90 J'onn J'onzz

Today we talk about J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who started out in comics as a detective, but then became a superhero, especially working with the Justice League. He's also incredibly powerful and he loves Oreos.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-J'onn's first appearance
-Justice League International (1987)
-Martian Manhunter (2018)
-Justice League Cartoon introduces J'onn
-If Wonder Woman doesn't get pants, nobody gets pants (I couldn't find the original source, if anyone can please let me know)
-Batman (2016) #78
-Gwenpool Strikes Back (2019) #2
-Gotham City Monsters (2019) #1

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