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1 year ago

#238 – Bernhard "Buddy" Baker

Animal Man, A-Man

Today we talk about Bernhard "Buddy" Baker, best known as Animal Man, who is a wife guy, an animal lover, and sometimes an avatar of the energy field that connects every animal on earth.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Strange Adventures (1950) #180
-Action Comics (1938) #552
-DC Comics Presents (1978) #77
-Crisis on Infinite Earths (1988) reading order
-Animal Man (1988)
-Buddy turning into a leech in Injustice #18 panel 1 panel 2
(briar originally said limpet and meant lamprey but turns out it's a leech!)
-Justice League International (1987) #24
-Justice League Europe (1989)
-JLA (1996) #27
-Infinite Crisis (2005) reading order
-52 (2006)
-Countdown to Adventure (2007)
-Justice League (2006) #24
-Justice League: Cry for Justice (2009)
-The Last Days of Animal Man (2009)
-Starman/Congorilla (2011) #1
-Justice League of America (2006) #54-59
-Animal Man (2011)
-Dark Nights: Death Metal Robin King (2020) #1
-Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #5

-Robin (2021) #15 pride variant
-The Secret X-Men (2022) #1 (Variant)

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