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8 months ago

#293 – Benjamin Reilly

Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man/Jackal/Chasm

Today we talk about Ben Reilly, who is a clone of Peter Parker, which comes with a lot of responsibilities such as: being Spider-Man, dying multiple times, sacrificing yourself for the greater good, and becoming a Demon King.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #149
-Clone Saga (1994) reading order
-Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #608-610
-Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Captain America) (2016) #1
-Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy (2016) reading order
-Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider (2017)
-Doctor Strange: Damnation (2018)
-Spider-Geddon (2018)
-Iron Man (2020) #5-8, 11-13
-The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #74-93
-Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man (2021) #1
-Devil's Reign (2021)
-Devil's Reign: Spider-Man (2022) #1
-Ben Reilly: Spider-Man (2022)
-Dark Web (2022)
-Amazing Spider-Man Annual (2023) #1

-Marvel's Voices: X-Men (2023) #1
-Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (2022)

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