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1 year ago

#207 – Lucas "Snapper" Carr

Today we talk about Lucas Carr, introduced and best known as Snapper, a cool teen who became an honorary member of the Justice League, betrayed them, got kidnapped into space, got superpowers, joined a superhero team, lost his powers, joined an evil organization....

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-The Brave and the Bold (1955) #28
-Justice League of America (1960) #77
-Justice League of America (1960) #114
-Justice League of America (1960) #149
-JLA: Year One (1998)
-Invasion! (1989) reading order
-Hourman (1999) #20
-Young Justice (1998) #38
-52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen (2007) #3
-Final Crisis: Resist (2008)
-Dial H for Hero (2019)

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