Capes and Japes
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4 years ago

#32 – Teen Titans

A group of superhero teens (mostly sidekicks), now with a Legacy!

32 Teen Titans

Today we talk about the Teen Titans, a group of mostly teen sidekicks (except they grow up and sometimes get back together as the Titans). Over the decades there have been several different rosters, but the Titans legacy is always there.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode (the internet ate my first list so this is incomplete and out of order, sorry y'all):
-New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
-Teen Titans Year One
-Teen Titans (2003): A Kid's Game
-Reign of the Supermen Sneak Peek
-Teen Titans Rebirth Vol. 1
-Super Sons of Tomorrow
-Batman Ninja trailer
-Teen Titans Earth One Vol. 1
-Gravity Falls: Lost Legends
-The Long Con

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