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1 year ago

#206 – Manhunter Roundup

Dan Richards/Manhunter, Mark Shaw/Manhunter/Privateer/Star-Tsar/Dumas/Leviathan, Chase Lawler/Manhunter, Starker/Manhunter 2070

Today we mostly talk about Dan Richards and Mark Shaw in this roundup of the rest of the Manhunters (NOT the robots, though some of them were recruited by the robots) who are not Kate Spencer, Paul Kirk, or a version of Paul Kirk.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-All-Star Squadron (1981) #31
-Millennium (1988) reading order
-Manhunter (2004) #7
-1st Issue Special (1975) #5
-Manhunter (1988)
-Justice League of America (1960) #149
-Suicide Squad (1987) #8
-Eclipso (1992) #11
-Manhunter (2004) #28
-Event Leviathan (2019) #6
-Zero Hour (1994) #4
-Manhunter (1994) #0 (the rest of the series doesn't look to be officially digitized)
-Manhunter (2004) #10

-Blue and Gold (2021) #4
-Nightwing 2021 Annual
-Wayne Family Adventures webtoon

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