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5 years ago

#14 – Jaime Reyes

Blue Beetle

14 Jaime Reyes

Today we talk about Jaime Reyes: the third Blue Beetle, who never asked for a weird blue scarab to fuse to his spine and telepathically try to convince him to murder Green Lanterns every time they cross paths.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Scott Snyder on Justice League
just a fun list of DC cities
Infinite Crisis
guy who's possessed wants a bagel
Young Justice S2
This is where I'd link a thing about Teen Titans S6 but uh, can't find anything except one of the guys from Teen Titans Go! said at a panel at WonderCon that he can "almost guarantee" that teen titans is coming back which uhhhhh.... yeah. Not taking that as fact.
Dark Nights: Metal
we didn't mention it on the ep but I remembered that Scott Snyder made a DC: Metal spotify playlist
Super Sons good
Squirrel Girl
Dodge City

And of course, don't forget Olivia's favorite things in media:

  1. Teens.
  2. Bodysharing.
  3. Robot Friend.
  4. Telepathy.
  5. Extremely Nervous Anxious Peacemakers.

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