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4 years ago

#76 – America Chavez

Miss America/Ms. America

76 America Chavez

Today we talk about America Chavez, who has the superhero moniker Miss America or Ms. America but mostly is just known by her name. She's a latina lesbian who can kick and punch dimensional portals into existence.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Vengeance (2011)
-Pre-Young Avengers Look
-Young Avengers (2013)
-A-Force (2015)
-Lady Katherine of Bishop
-Ultimates (2015)
-America (2017)
-West Coast Avengers
-The laws of physics can kiss my ass
-New DC Ink Graphic Novels announced
-Dial H for Hero (2019)
-Lucky Penny
-Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me

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