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3 years ago

#130 – Hal Jordan

Green Lantern/Parallax/Spectre

Today we talk about Hal Jordan, a test pilot who had the highest willpower the closest to where a Green Lantern died, and so he then became (arguably the most well-known) Green Lantern. Some weird stuff happened in the 1990's, and he was Spectre for a while, but he's mostly just a Space Cop.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Showcase Presents: Green Lantern vol. 1
-Showcase Presents: Green Lantern vol. 5
-The Final Night (1996)
-Day of Judgement (1999)
-Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004)
-Justice League: War (trailer)
-Dark Knights: Death Metal (2020) #1
-Being Anti-Racist
-BlackoutDay2020 (July 7)
-General Strike 2020 (July 4-7)

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