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4 years ago

#62 – Carol Danvers

Ms. Marvel/Binary/Warbird/Captain Marvel

62 Carol Danvers

Today we talk about Carol Danvers: Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and finally Captain Marvel. She was in the Air Force, gained Kree powers after an explosion, and now she's an extremely powerful superhero who we love.

Also in this one our phones kept disconnecting and Olivia sounded like a robot, SOMEONE out there didn't want us talking about Carol, it seems.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Marvel's original Captain Marvel vs DC's Captain Marvel
-Ms. Magazine
-Original Ms. Marvel costume
-House of M
-Ms. Marvel costume
-Civil War
-Captain Marvel (2012)
-Captain Marvel costume
-more about the Carol Corps
-Civil War II
-The Life of Captain Marvel
-Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (not Moon Knight, that's a different person)
-War of the Realms

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