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1 year ago

#199 – Floyd Lawton


Today we talk about Floyd Lawton—best known as Deadshot—a Batman villain and Suicide Squad member who is extremely good at two things: 1) shooting guns, and 2) lying to his therapist.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Batman (1940) #59
-Detective Comics (1937) #474
-Detective Comics (1937) #518
-Crisis on Infinite Earths (1986) reading order
-Legends (1986)
-Suicide Squad (1987)
-Identity Crisis (2004) #5
-Deadshot (1988)
-Deadshot (2005)
-Villains United (2005)
-Salvation Run (2008)
-Underworld Unleashed (1995) reading order
-Secret Six (2008)
-Suicide Squad (2011)
-Justice League of America (2013) #7.1
-Suicide Squad (2019) #9

-Interim by Allissa Chan
-Cancelled Aquaman spinoff was really a Black Manta solo film
-Brendan Fraser cast as Firefly in Batgirl movie

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