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7 months ago

#302 – Victor Fries

Mr. Freeze/Mr. Zero

Today we talk about Victor Fries, best known as Mr. Freeze, though he started in comics as Mr. Zero (on account of only being able to survive at temperatures below zero?).

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Batman (1940) #121, 308, 375
-Batman Arkham: Mr. Freeze
-Batman (1966 tv show) "Instant Freeze"
-Batman: The Animated Series "Heart of Ice"
-Detective Comics (1937) #670
-Batman: Heart of Hush
-Batgirl (2000) #69-70
-Batman (2012) Annual #1
-Batman: The Dark Knight (2013): Mr. Freeze
-All-Star Batman (2016) #6
-Detective Comics (2016) #1008-1016

-Invincible Iron Man (2022) #11

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