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1 year ago

#166 – Mera

Queen of Atlantis

Today we talk about Mera, who is the Queen of Atlantis usually, and Aquaman's wife, usually, except when comics retcons their marriage, or when she abolishes the monarchy.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Aquaman (1962) #11
-Aquaman (1962) #18
-Aquaman (1962) #57 - #62
-Aquaman (1989)
-Aquaman (1994) #11
-Blackest Night (2009)
-Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (2009) #2, #3
-Brightest Day (2010)
-Aquaman (2011) new 52
-Aquaman (2016) Rebirth
-Mera: Tidebreaker
-Infinite Frontier (2021) #0

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