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5 years ago

#4 – Tim Drake

Robin/Red Robin

04 Tim Drake

Today we talk about Tim Drake: the third Robin (the one who figured out what Batman and Robin's secret civilian identities were when he was, like, ten years old), and Red Robin!

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Young Justice Comics Kid Devil Battle for the Cowl "Lucretia Adventurezone" Tim/Kon Content Honestly you don't have to read the whole thing but there are some Choice panels in there, including "they were his colors" and "you're my robin"/"you'll always be my clone boy" "Dual Destinies Apollo" "You're my robin"/"You'll always be my clone boy" This one's just the single panel, in case you didn't click the one two links ago. two bros chillin in a hot tub vine "I wish I were Batman" birthday comic Teen Titans vol3 Red Robin (comic series) Young Justice (cartoon) Teen Titans by Geoff Johns (Omnibus) Gotham Knights Knightfall Super Sons Li'l Gotham

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