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4 years ago

#43 – Galactus

Devourer of Worlds

43 Galactus

Today we talk about one of The Big Men: Galactus. He's a huge purple dude who's just gotta eat whole planets!

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-First appearance
-The watchers wikipedia
-Original Sin
-this isn't a link to anything but uh, be careful when you say things about science you're not sure of because then you'll end up in a wikipedia spiral looking into cosmology and cosmogony to see if you were wrong about the big bang... (i don't think i was?) -E
-i was thinking specifically about this Space Is Gay pin that i have but doesn't look like they're currently on sale.
-blows kiss for galactus
-Titans: The Lazarus Contract
-Teen Titans vol 2
-Titans vol 2, vol 3
-Super Sons vol 3
-Switchblade Sisters
-The Wicked + The Divine 1373
-Blackbird #1
-Shatterstar #1

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