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1 year ago

#252 – The Spectre

Jim Corrigan/Crispus Allen/Hal Jordan/Aztar

Today we talk about The Spectre, who, despite starting as the ghost of Jim Corrigan, has been several different human men possessed by the spirit of (the christian god's) holy vengeance, as well as a pretty literal deus ex machina.

Today's mentioned & relevant media:
-Golden Age Spectre Archives vol. 1
-Showcase Presents: The Spectre
-All-Star Comics Archives Collections
-The Spectre (1967)
-Wrath of the Spectre (1974)
-Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) reading order
-The Spectre (1987)
-The Spectre (1992)
-Zero Hour (1994) reading order
-Day of Judgment (1999) reading order
-Legends of the DC Universe (1997) #33-36
-Day of Vengeance (2005)
-Gotham Central (2002) #38
-Infinite Crisis (2005) #4
-Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre (2006)
-Tales of the Unexpected (2006)
-Final Crisis: Revelations (2008)
-Blackest Night (2009) reading order
-Brightest Day (2010) reading order
-Justice League of America (2006) #54-59
-The Phantom Stranger (2012) #0, #5
-Gotham by Midnight (2014)
-Detective Comics (2016) #1007

-Star Trek: Lower Decks (2022)
-Fantastic Four (2022) #1
-Secret Invasion (2022) #1

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