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4 years ago

#70 – Ben Grimm

The Thing

70 Ben Grimm

Today we talk about Ben Grimm, the most recognizable of the Fantastic Four--The Thing--and Reed Richards's friend who jokingly said he would fly a rocket and then ended up getting completely transformed by ~cosmic radiation~.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats
-Yancy Street Gang messing with Ben
-Secret Wars (this is the Battleworld stuff) but Ben continues to be on Battleworld starting at The Thing (1984) #11
-Winter Soldier (2018) #1
-Batman Vol 8: Cold Days
-The Tony/Pepper for the That, But Lesbians Zine
-Heroes in Crisis #8
-Check Please!
-Ngozi's Boostle Work
-SyFy article where Ngozi mentions a DC collab that didn't work out

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